Apples and Cannoli Dip.

Yes, I said cannoli. It’s flipping amazing. Well, to be honest, it’s not totally like the inside of a cannoli, but it’s really good. And ricotta cheese counts as a RED, not a blue container. So you can have a LOT of it. You can tell where my priorities are.

So the apples part of this recipe should be self explanatory. I use Granny Smith. 
The Cannoli Dip…
1 red container of ricotta, part or full skim
1 tsp of vanilla extract
Pinch of stevia 
Make sure you drain any liquid from the ricotta. Then mix it all together and EAT. 
Makes 1 red, obviously. 
And yes, I realize the apples are in the wrong container, but it’s the same size as the purple, and the purple was dirty. You come do the dishes and you can fuss about it. 
If you want more of a dessert, mix a spoonful of Greek yogurt in there to up the creamy. And top with a tsp of mini chocolate chips. Which are kind of a cheat, so don’t get chip happy. Hey, girl needs her chocolate sometimes. That version is good with grapes and strawberries. 
But I like the regular, simple version with apple slices for a regular snack. Keeps you full for a while too. 

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