Challenge Groups and Inspiration

One of the best parts about doing a Beachbody program is the Challenge Groups!

Usually they are smaller groups led by one or two coaches. However, there are a few massive groups out there with large numbers of people from all over the place. The Memorial Day Fix Challenge Is one of those groups that I joined. It’s got almost 12,000 members!!! And the inspiration, resources, and discussion is invaluable. 
I recently met a new friend in the Memeorial Day group named Tommy Storm. He’s ROCKING his weightloss journey. Look at this… 
Those results are nuts! But I get how this program can do that. He’s getting a balanced diet with sensible portions at a low calorie level, but one adjusted to his particular caloric needs. So he’s not starving. Add the challenging but doable weight-based workouts that get your muscles growing and your heart pumping…Recipe for success! I love how he says that his weight is gone FOREVER. It’s a lifestyle change! And one he is obviously happy with. 
Follow Tommy on Facebook at
And search for some groups or join one of my Challenge Groups to give you motivation for the change you want to make! 

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