My 21 Day Fix Sample Meal Plans

Some people prefer to plan their entire week in advance. Every single meal. I admire that. I just can’t do it. I need a little more flexibility, so I’ve got a hybrid model. I will plan our dinners for the week, and usually calculate in enough food to eat my lunch each day from the leftovers of the night before.

But I keep it flexible. Depending on my schedule and what I’ve got in the fridge, I’ll sit down the night before and map out my meals for the following day.

I’ve done a little video about HOW I make these daily meal plans. You can see that here.

In this post, I wanted to provide you with several of my sample meal plans.

Total honesty: I started out copying over some of them in nice pretty handwriting. Then, I remembered that ‘nobody got time fo that’ and decided to show you the REAL ones. Scratches out, scribbling, coffee stains. Here’s what I’ve got…

Calorie Level 2: 1,500 to 1,799

When I first started my fix, I was in the middle of my spring half marathon season. I try to run one every month until it gets to dang hot down here. I had several other long distance races sprinkled in between, as well as training runs and jiu jitsu training twice a week. Even though my calorie calculations fell into the lowest level, I bumped up one due to my activity. It was a great idea. I kept up my energy levels to sustain my activities while still losing weight and inches. I felt GREAT. Although I later dropped to the lower one (running less and weighing less now), I still will bump up depending on my activity for the day. The first set reflect this higher calorie level. If you’re at a higher one, just add on. If you’re lower, take away from the snacks first. 

Calorie Level 1: 1,200-1,499

At the end of my first round, I started the 21 Day Fix Extreme. I decided to get ‘Extreme’ by dropping down a calorie level. To the one I was actually supposed to be in. Hah! Still, when I did something really active that day, like one of our intense advanced jiu jitsu classes that involve several round of live rolling, I bumped back up. Feed the beast when it needs it. But here are some of my lower level meal plan days…

I realize a lot of this may be incoherent scribbling, so feel free to ask me to interpret any of it. If there’s something on here that isn’t in my Recipes page, yell at me to give everyone the recipe!

2 thoughts on “My 21 Day Fix Sample Meal Plans

    • The letter and numbers correspond to the color container system in the 21 Day Fix. I can’t keep up with cute color coded markers so I just designate blue containers with a B, green with a G, etc. The numbers are how many I have to eat on my calorie level. It’s a lot of food!


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