Motivation Mayday and Down Weeks

Let’s be honest. Even those of us who get real super excited about things have down times. And THAT IS OKAY. 

Who stays at their peak all the time? No one. And it would probably be quite annoying after a while too, because it’s not real. 

Lows and dips are normal, to be expected, and good for us. It should be a time to get refocused. If you’ve lost motivation and momentum, why? What changed? Or what needs to change? 
I’ve spent the past week doing a lot of sleeping, sneezing, snorting, hacking, and generally being miserable thanks to a nasty cold given to me by my husband. I lead reminded of s couple things during this time: 
1. If you feel like you might be able to workout, even just Pilates or a walk, do it. The adrenaline will make you feel better. 
2. If you can’t imagine even getting off the couch because you’re so sick, then don’t! You’re body needs sleep. Listen to your body. 
3. Off weeks are necessary to regroup. They aren’t lost time. It’s very useful and can launch you into your next 
But don’t let the sick downtime stretch into lethargy and complacency. Make plans. Watch inspirational YouTube videos. List out your goals. Read some personal development. And when you feel well again, you’ll be ready to hit the ground running. 

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