CIZE On My Vacation to Belgium and France

As I’ve written about recently, my husband and I went on a dream trip to Europe, starting in Belgium and ending up in Paris. We went to Brussels, Bruges, Ghent, saw the 200th anniversary battlefield reenactments at Waterloo, took the train to France, walked ALL over Paris, and even saw the Palace at Versailles. It was fantastic! Exhausting, but everything we had hoped for.

Before leaving, I had gotten into the preview workout for Beachbody’s newest program, CIZE by ShaunT. It comes out on July 20! But there’s a preview workout on Beachbody On Demand. It’s called “You Got This,” and features Bruno Mars’ song “Treasure.” I am NOT a professional dancer. I had some ballet lessons growing up, but that was a long time ago. This stuff is FUN, though, and it’s a great workout.

I danced my way across Europe…

Have you tried CIZE yet? What did you think?

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