Open-Face Egg and Spinach Sandwich

Quick and easy breakfast, lunch, or dinner. I think I’ve mentioned before that I’m kind of obsessed with eggs. The egg people should sponsor me. Just saying.

– 1 sandwich thin, split and toasted 
– handful of spinach
– 2 eggs, scrambled
– mustard, or other free condiments of choice
– spices
This is super simple. Toast your sandwich thin. You can use real bread if you want, but know the container count will be different. Scramble your eggs. You can sauté your spinach into your eggs if you want. Or, if you’re like me and forget, you can just make a cute little spinach bed on your bread. Open your sandwich thin. Plop half the eggs on either half. 
Add your spices and condiments of choice. I used Mrs. Dash salt-free original blend and mustard. Mustard is FREE on the Fix. So is hot sauce if you’re a spicy person. Salsa would also be yummy and is super low-cal. Just make sure you get a clean version with no added sugar. Read the ingredients! 
Container Count: 1 yellow, 1 red, and 1/2 green 

Your sides will depend on what meal you are using this as. Mine was lunch, so I added a few crudités in the form of carrots, pickles, and peppers. This added another green container for me. 
Fruit would be good for lunch or breakfast. You could also use this as a heavy snack. I don’t have kids, but I messed up some egg sammies as a wee one, so I’d imagine it’s kid-friendly food. Maybe sauté the spinach into it. Or convince them that they will turn into Popeye if they eat it. 

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