My 3-Day Refresh Review: Day 2

I know the day isn’t over yet, but I’m proud that I’ve gotten this far. I don’t see how people do extreme restriction diets. No wonder so many fall off the wagon and feel like failures. Knowing that this has an end, and having everything set out so exactly for me is what’s making this a success thus far.

Hold up! If you missed Day 1, read my Day 1 Review of the 3 Day Refresh before going further! 

7:15am – Wake-up Water

I slept late. And haven’t worked out. But I don’t feel bad about it, and here’s why. First, I don’t get rest days very often. Most of the time, I’m doing something active, if not a complete planned workout, every single day. The idea of the Refresh is to allow your body to heal. I wanted to sleep and didn’t feel the energy to get in a workout. That is what my body needs. Listening to your body is SO important.

8:30am – Breakfast

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My 3-Day Refresh Review : Day 1

 Day 1 Review of the 3-Day Refresh

The 3 Day Refreshis a cleanse program created by Beachbody to eliminate bloat, clean out your digestive system, and cleanse your body of toxins and junk. Some people use it to jumpstart a healthy habit with a bang. Others use it to drop a couple pounds before a big event.
I am using it for the former reason. This summer has been fun, with amazing vacations, fantastic food, and memories with good friends. But I can feel a couple extra pounds hanging on my midsection where I tend to gain weight. I’m also a smaller person now, so a couple pounds shows pretty quickly. While I’m at a point where I can eat what I want within reason…well, the ‘reason’ part of that kind of flew out the window during the past couple months!
So let’s REFRESH!

5:45am – Wakeup Water

I wake up and down the 8oz of water that the guide says to drink immediately. I’m constantly dehydrated and know that I need to do this. I’m going to try to make this a habit regardless. The cold water bothered me however. I think I may try hot water with lemon tomorrow morning and see if that make it a little more ‘coffee-esque.’ I do love my coffee.

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The Glory of God is Man Fully Alive

“I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” – John 10:10

St. Irenaeus was an early Christian (think 125 AD!) who had direct contact with the contemporaries of the Apostles. He was highly educated and eventually became the Bishop of Lyons (modern-day France) where he wrote prolifically. In his “Adversus Haereses” or “Against Heresies,” he set forth many of the principles that the Christian faith is based upon today. One of his most profound quotes from this work is, 

“The glory of God is man fully alive.” 

While everyday life now is obviously different than the first century of Christianity, St. Irenaeus speaks to those of us who are denying our own purpose, ignoring our own health, and focusing solely on the needs of others.
God wants us to LIVE. He gave us this beautiful gift of human life, resplendent in its mysteries and magic that we see so readily as children. He delights in our delight with His creation. A golden sunrise, a frost-etched leaf, a baby’s smooth cheek – He gives us wonders to discover and enjoy. 
And that same Creator has given us these incredibly intricate and wondrous bodies, delicate and resilient at the same time. Just as He wants us to enjoy His beautiful creations in nature, He means for us to use, enjoy, and take care of our personal creation – our own bodies. Although we are made perfect and in the image of God, the material world in which we live can affect our health and physical appearance, placing barriers between us and the life God is giving us. 
To be fully alive is to use your body, God’s creation, to its fullest potential. Each breach, each movement is a prayer of thanks for the vessel we are given. 

What is holding you back from being fully alive? 

Quick and Healthy Crockpot Italian Turkey Sausage and Peppers – Periscope Video!

Another Periscope for you! There’s going to be a lot of these! I love this platform. Just remember that I’m answering questions and comments that can’t be seen when you save these. So hop on Periscope and catch them live!

Recipe Ingredients:

– 5-6 Italian Turkey Sausages
– 3-4 bell/sweet peppers, sliced
– onion, sliced (optional)
– 2 medium chopped tomatoes (or a can of diced tomatoes)
– 2-3 cups of pureed tomatoes or pre-made marinara sauce (just look for one with no added sugar)
– salt and pepper
– garlic or garlic powder
– Italian herbs

Throw it all in and stew for 3-4 hours on high or 6-7 hours on low. Serve over whole wheat pasta, spaghetti squash, or crusty bread. Or just eat on it’s own! It’s delicious!

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Periscope Fitness Tip of the Day: Chest Fly Variations

If you haven’t discovered Periscope, go download the app!!! It’s SO COOL. It’s a live broadcasting app where the broadcaster can see your written comments live and interact with all of the people watching their scope. The potential uses for it are limitless.

I’ve started a Fitness Tip of the Day Periscope providing fitness tips and home exercises. For those who don’t want to download Periscope (it can eat your data, so only use it on wi-fi), I’ll be posting them on my blog as well. The scopes are made to disappear after 24 hours, but you can use a service like to save them for people to watch. So, here ya go!!!

Note: Saving your broadcast to post elsewhere doesn’t save the comments, so when I’m staring at the screen and answering random questions, that’s because someone has commented or asked a question. Jump on Periscope for the full experience!