My 3-Day Refresh Review: Day 2

I know the day isn’t over yet, but I’m proud that I’ve gotten this far. I don’t see how people do extreme restriction diets. No wonder so many fall off the wagon and feel like failures. Knowing that this has an end, and having everything set out so exactly for me is what’s making this a success thus far.

Hold up! If you missed Day 1, read my Day 1 Review of the 3 Day Refresh before going further! 

7:15am – Wake-up Water

I slept late. And haven’t worked out. But I don’t feel bad about it, and here’s why. First, I don’t get rest days very often. Most of the time, I’m doing something active, if not a complete planned workout, every single day. The idea of the Refresh is to allow your body to heal. I wanted to sleep and didn’t feel the energy to get in a workout. That is what my body needs. Listening to your body is SO important.

8:30am – Breakfast

Breakfast was chocolate Shakeology (of course!) with half a serving of strawberries and half a serving of blueberries. I got to munch on half of my strawberries and put the rest in my shake. Always satisfying!

9:30am – Morning Tea Break

Stopped for some green tea while working. I think this is going to become a habit rather than getting that second (or third) cup of coffee. Especially when the coffee isn’t that good. Sorry office-mates, but the coffee leaves a little to be desired.

10:45am – Fiber Sweep

So this was a little more difficult today. I didn’t put as much water in it apparently and it was pretty thick. Flavor was fine. A little lemon but mostly innocuous. But that texture. Oooof. Definitely need to err on the 10oz side of 8-10oz. But this stuff keeps you full. Fiber rocks.

1:00pm – Lunch

Green beans sautéed in coconut oil with a heavy hand of Ms. Dash salt-free seasoning. I’m going to go ahead and say that Ms. Dash is a NECESSARY element of this Refresh thing. The green beans were very good. I’m going to be making these as a side dish for meals from now on. The sliced peach has a sprinkle of ground cinnamon, which gives a faint peach-pie flavor without adding sugar. Gotta love a good summer peach.
I also will confess that I threw two pieces of frozen banana into my Vanilla Fresh shake. Two reasons for this: 1. I’m not so much on the vanilla flavor and needed something to add to it, and 2. I’m feeling a little weak. Adding a couple extra bites of fruit isn’t going to break the bank on this cleanse, and it definitely helped me feel better. I’m used to eating A LOT, so this is pretty hard for me.

4:00pm – Afternoon Snack

I decided to make my afternoon snack a little bigger today since I had trouble making it to dinner yesterday. Lettuce is the biggest volume vegetable on the list, so I had a big salad with slices of avocado and…wait for it…Ms. Dash seasoning. I TOLD you it’s a necessary part of this cleanse. The dressing was a little lemon juice and apple cider vinegar. This was really good. Again, a side dish I might repeat. Or throw some chicken on it…mmmm….chicken….

7:30pm – Dinner

Just like last night, I came home and faded a little bit. This has revealed an interesting part of my metabolism to me. I seem to have a crash zone in the early evening. This is important to know to prevent binging on junk food (which I am prone to do, especially with chips) and to make sure I have something healthy, like a piece of fruit or Shakeology, on hand to combat my crash. Food is FUEL.
But LOOK AT THIS DINNER. Sautéed green beans, red pepper, and carrots in olive oil with garlic and fresh grated ginger. Super yummy. Cup of veggie broth with Ms. Dash for flavor and a Vanilla Fresh shake (which a spoonful of chocolate Shakeology in it to change the flavor).

9:15pm – Evening Tea and Bedtime

I can feel my willpower fading, especially as I was typing about chips. Eek! Change the subject…tea…yes, making myself some tea right now. And then I’m going to hit the bed early tonight. Your body really wants sleep while you’re Refreshing, so let it sleep. I’m not good about getting enough sleep anyway, so I’m trying to pay more attention to this.
Plan for tomorrow? Kill this 3rd day. I want to cheat so bad. I’m not good at restriction diets, which is why the 21 Day Fix program has always worked well for me. But I’m going to see this through. I’m 2/3rds of the way done. This is worth it for everything I’m learning about my body and metabolism, not to mention the healthy new recipes I’m picking up.

Now that you’ve finished here, check out Day 3 of my 3-Day Refresh Review!

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