My 3-Day Refresh Results and Final Review

Straight to the point of the matter…

It works. I was definitely feeling a pooch coming on. I hold weight in my stomach. I always have. And weight tends to come back to the last place it was comfortable, kind of like an old barfly.

And yes, this is me, not a photoshopped picture of someone else. That’s my birthmark.

My stomach is flatter. Absolutely. If I was getting ready for a big event, like a wedding or a big beach vacation, I would totally do this the week before! In fact, I’m making a point to go to the pool this weekend just to strut around a little. Sorry. Can’t help myself. I might even buy new swimsuit bottoms that actually match my top! What a novel idea….

And I learned some pretty important things during this whole process.

1. My metabolism tanks in the late afternoon. I need to be prepared with a banana or some shakeology if I expect to do anything of worth with myself during the evening before dinner.
2. I do not drink enough water. I knew this but having it shoved in your face from time to time is necessary.
3. Several new yummy recipes!
4. How to chug a Fiber Sweep drink. Essential skill set, I’m sure.
5. I actually DO have some amount of willpower. I really struggle with self control and wonder how I ever was able to lose this weight to begin with. I really do have it in me to focus on a goal and stick to it. It’s not about saying no, but about saying YES to what you want more than the cupcake in the office break room.

There’s definitely a right and wrong way to Refresh. So if you’re going to do it yourself, make sure you read my day by day reviews for the tips and mistakes I make along the way.

Just to make it easy…

My 3 Day Refresh Review: Day 1
My 3 Day Refresh Review: Day 2
My 3 Day Refresh Review: Day 3

Let me help you do it!

If I can do this. ANYONE can. So let me help you. Whether you’re kickstarting a new program, getting ready for an event, or just feeling like a slug (that was me), you’re going to get something good out of this Refresh.
It’s SO much safer than the other cleanses out there. You’re getting essential protein, minerals, vitamins, fiber, etc. It’s not just 3 days of sugar-packed juice. Because of that, you’re more likely to KEEP THE WEIGHT OFF.

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