What is Body Beast?

I just ordered this awesome program and have been learning all about it. Here’s the skinny on beasting up…

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What is Body Beast?

Body Beast is a 90 day weightlifting fitness program. It’s about building muscle, shredding fat, and getting ripped. Sagi Kalev, the trainer, is an expert at this, and developed a new system of Dynamic Set Training to make bodybuilding workouts like this accessible for limited equipment and limited time. You don’t have to spend hours fighting for the machines in a sweaty gym to get a body that turns heads. 

But I don’t want to be all bulky…

Girls, there is no way you can accidentally ‘bulk up.’ Bodybuilders have to work very hard and follow a very specific meal plan to look the way they do. Not to mention the fact that females are not hormonally equipped to bulk up. Female bodybuilders have to fight for every muscle they have.

If you WANT to bulk up and add muscle mass, this program tells you how to do it with the HUGE Beast calendar and eating plan. It doesn’t have as much cardio and focuses on helping you get big. Guys often prefer this one as they can get some freaking amazing results.


If you prefer to build a leaner, ‘toned’ look (what women doesn’t want this?), you follow the LEAN Beast Calendar and eating plan. This is the one that I’m following.


What is the eating plan like?

Along with your workout DVDs, you will get the Book of Beast. Yes, the program guide is called the Book of Beast. You gotta love a company that has a sense of humor. Anyway, the Book of Beast has your eating plans and food lists.

There are two eating plans. Depending on your goals, you either follow the HUGE or LEAN plan. You will fall into a calorie category based on your weight. The category tells you how many servings of each food group you need each day. The approved food lists are all there for you.

But what if I’m doing the 21 Day Fix eating plan?

I hear ya! Once you start with those color-coded containers, you never want to stop.


Here’s what I did…IMG_5173

Unless you are trained in how to interpret random scribbles, I’ll explain. My calorie calculations put me at the 1800 calorie level bracket. This is one level up from my 21 Day Fix bracket, so that makes sense. When you lift heavy, you need to eat a little more (of the right stuff) to let your body heal and build muscle. I wrote down the requirements of the Body Beast plan, took a look at the general serving sizes on the food lists, and roughly fit them into the 21 Day Fix container plan.

So, at the 1800 Body Beast calorie level, I need…

  • 3 Red (Protein) + 1 Whey Protein/Recover (post-workout)
  • 1 Shakeology
  • 2 Green (Vegetable)
  • 4 Purple (Fruit)
  • 4 Yellow (Healthy Carb/Starch)
  • 1 extra Yellow filled with a Legume (green peas, black beans, lentils, etc.)
  • 1 Blue (cheese, avocado, whole nuts, hummus)
  • 1 Orange (dressings, seeds)
  • 3-4 Tsp Healthy Fats (nut butters, coconut oil, olive oil)

This does NOT match up perfectly. So if you’re a perfectionist, it’s not gonna work. There are some differences between the eating plans that just can’t be reconciled, although I tried. For example…

  • Body Beast counts Shakeology as 1 legume and 1 vegetable. 21 Day Fix considers it a Red (Protein).
  • Body Beast puts hummus in the legume category. A category that 21 Day Fix doesn’t have. Hummus is a Blue container for the Fix. The serving size is the same though.
  • Cheese is a protein on Body Beast. It’s a Blue container for the Fix.

Moral of the eating plan story: If you want to stick with the 21 Day Fix plan, you can. You can do what I did and noodle it out to make it a little closer to the Beast plan. I can even help you do this if you want to give me a shout. Or you can take your current 21 Day Fix plan and just bump up a level (and add a scoop of whey protein or Recover for a post-workout snack, trust me on this).

How do I start?

Just message me or your current Beachbody coach. We’ve got your back!

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