Master’s Hammer and Chisel: First Week Review


For those that don’t know about Beachbody’s new program, it is a collaboration between two amazing trainers, Sagi Kalev and Autumn Calabrese. It launched on Tuesday, December 1. While my package is STILL in the mail (thanks to USPS holiday delays), I am using the on-demand streaming service to access my workouts and the digital versions of the nutrition and workout guides. Your purchased programs show up in your streaming service, so you can get started right away.

I’m SO sore that I can absolutely see why the Performance Line of supplements is going to help. Unfortunately, we ran out of Energize this week, so I’m struggle-bussing through some of these. That extra burst of energy helps so much, and I’m really missing it. Our order of Energize and Recharge is also in the mail, so hopefully I won’t be without too long. I’m looking forward to the Recharge as it helps your sore muscles heal overnight. I’ve tested a sample before and was in love. I just hadn’t gotten around to ordering until now. If you’ve never tried the Performance Line, order a sample kit and prepare to be amazed. It’s light-years beyond the supplements you see on most store shelves.

The food has been easy. It’s the same plan as 21 Day Fix with my trusty containers. I haven’t been perfect as it is the holiday season, but some effort is always better than none! My philosophy: Do what you can and don’t stress the rest.

So, on to the first week of the workouts… I’m loving it. There are 14 workouts, plus a few more if you get the deluxe package. That’s a LOT. Each day alternates between trainers. Sagi Kalev is the Hammer, and Autumn Calabrese is the Chisel. If you aren’t familiar with these guys, Sagi is the bodybuilding expert behind Body Beast, and Autumn developed the phenomenon 21 Day Fix programs. This is a mix of their styles, both of which I love, but not just a sum of their two programs. The sum is much greater than its parts. This is something new.

Day 1 – Chisel Balance

This day is a lot of well-disguised ab work. Every move challenges your balance in some way. It engages your core and glutes throughout. These are your stabilizing muscles and will make you a better athlete and healthier person all around.

Day 2 – Hammer Plyometerics

I thought Autumn’s workouts were going to be the tough cardio. I was wrong. Sagi “the Hammer” brings the sweat and steals your breath in this one. Intense.

Day 3 – ISO Stength Chisel

Another total body workout. I’m starting to realize that all of these workouts are total body. That is definitely a difference from both the Body Beast and 21 Day Fix programs. Today, Autumn took me through weightlifting moves involving isometric holds and reps intended to tire your muscles.

Day 4 – Rest Day

If you start this program on Monday, as a calendar suggests, your rest days fall on Thursdays. I prefer my rest day to fall on Sunday, so I waited until Thursday to start my program. If this confuses you, just stick to the calendar. But make sure you take your rest day no matter what. There’s a reason it’s in there and you will need it.

Day 5 – ISO Speed Hammer

This workout is available to preview FREE on BeachbodyOnDemand. So check it out! It is a quick 23 minute total body workout that focuses on isometric holds and muscle fatigue, similar to ISO Chisel but Hammer style. Not as intense as some of the other workouts, but purposeful and needed as a lower impact day. You should be feeling tired and sore despite your rest day.

Day 6 – Chisel Endurance

This day was ROUGH. I had to get up like an hour earlier than normal, workout in a rush, shower and dress in even more of a rush, and then get to the church for mass by 6:30. (FYI: Feast of the Immaculate Conception is a day of holy obligation, meaning Catholics are supposed to attend mass at some point during the day.) If I can squeeze in a workout for a morning like this, you can too.

Day 7 – Total Body Hammer

This is a heavy lifting, shred program with stacking sets of reps. If you’ve done Body Beast, it will feel familiar. I love the amount of work and reps that you get when you have a professional telling you what to do each step of the way and limiting your downtime in between. This would be a great workout to stream on your phone while you’re at the gym. Get your full workout in 40 minutes. You’ll be finished while the meatheads are still wandering around in between sets trying to figure out what they are doing next.

I try to post video with a short review (or at least a picture) of each workout on my Facebook and Instagram feeds. If you aren’t following me there, get on it! There’s a link to all my social media feeds in the menu bar. You’ll see my wrap up for each week here on the website.

I’m starting my next challenge group on January 4, 2016, for your New Year’s Resolution goals. I’ll know the program well by then and will be able to lead you through it. It will feature this program, Hammer and Chisel, but 21 Day Fix, Body Beast, CIZE, or any other program is absolutely welcome. The point is to get healthy, get fit, and feel supported by each other the whole way. Find me on Facebook or email me NOW to get your challenge pack and be ready for your New Year’s Resolution!