My First Breakfast of 2016: And How To Buy Healthy Granola


Breakfast to start the New Year right! This is a great, quick go-to breakfast. A cup or so of fruit, a few heaping spoonfuls of plain Greek yogurt (watch out for the sugar in the flavored kinds), and a sprinkle of all natural granola! 
When you buy your granola, avoid the “low-fat” kinds. They almost always compensate with higher sugar. Sugar is what you need to watch on the label. Find the granola with the lowest sugar content and the most natural ingredients. If you don’t understand a lot of the ingredients listed on the label, put the box back on the shelf. You can always make your own too! Brands like Ezekiel and Bear Naked are usually good resources that can be found at most grocery stores. 
For 21 Day Fixers or H&C peeps, this is one purple of fruit, a red of yogurt, and a yellow (sometime I only use 1/2 a yellow) of granola.