#WhatIAte : Recapturing Accountability

Real talk: I’ve slipped BIG in my healthy eating. Workouts aren’t a problem. But I got really sick back in late December and January (as in pneumonia, which sucks). I didn’t want to eat but knew I needed to. So I ate whatever appealed to me. Comfort foods and carbs usually. I finally got better mid-January but kept eating ALL THE FOODS. 

And my pants are mad at me now. 

I struggle with stress eating. Having a relatively stressful job doesn’t help either. Food addiction is real, people. But more on that later. 

For now, I need to recapture some accountability. I got the idea to take pictures of everything I eat. Not just the pretty stuff. Everything. Even when I cheat. Like a visual food journal. It’s all on my Instagram if you want to follow, but I’m going to try to remember to post the daily recaps on here. 

I’m following the container eating system from Beachbody, made famous in the 21 Day Fix. It works. I love the balanced eating and multiple small meals each day. I just need to get back in the habit. So keep me honest! Check in here and on my Instagram regularly. Follow the Instagram feed if you want the exact container counts of each meal. 

I’m aiming for the second calorie level since I do two workouts almost every day. My Beachbody workout and the either running or jiu jitsu. If I lowball my calories, I plateau any weight loss. I know this from experience. 

Day 1: I’m short in my Greens. Veggies. Need more veggies. I’m short a fruit too, but I’m not as worried about that. Fruit is not usually a problem. Veggies are, even though I really like them. Thank goodness for Shakeology, especially on my busy days. 


One thought on “#WhatIAte : Recapturing Accountability

  1. You can do this!!! I have the similar problems but I’m trying to mantra to myself…stress is not the excuse for eating badly, it shouldbe the reason to eat as healthy as possible to help my mind and body deal with it better. We can do this!!!

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