Beachbody Coach Earnings: First Year

I hesitated sharing this because talking about money is…well, weird. But someone out there might need to see this. So here it is. 
My Beachbody business is a creative outlet for me. I connect with amazing, positive people whom I would never have met otherwise. I have been exposed to the world of personal growth and development which has improved every aspect of my life, including my law practice. I’m healthy and strong thanks to the awesome products and workouts. My hubs is benefiting from the products too (hello 20lbs of lean muscle!). All of this has enhanced our marriage as well! 
So the money and business thing wasn’t my focus. It’s just fun. 
And then I got my 1099 with my earnings for last year, which wasn’t even a full year since I didn’t start until mid-March. I have an amazing full time job that I’m blessed to have. Josh works his tail off too, so this extra money didn’t make or break us. But it might for you. And I was just having fun with it. Think about what is possible if you really dove in head first and worked the business. I’ve watched some incredible men and women I know pay off debt, build a business, and even make a large full time income from this. 
And it’s not a scam. I’m a lawyer; hubs is a police officer – do ya think we’d be involved if it was a scam? 
This may not be something you are interested in. But someone you know may need this opportunity. Which is why I’m sharing it. I’ve been blessed by this company, my fellow coaches, and customers. I want to give that blessing to someone else. Please message me if you want to know more about coaching. 

You don’t have to be a fitness guru. I’m just a pudgy (though not so much anymore) disorganized lawyer. If I can make this just piddling around, think what you could do with some focused effort. 

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