Grinding but Growing

 I was active before finding Beachbody, so it’s not like working out was new. Having a cohesive program and coordinated eating plan with Shakeology was new, but I digress… What was completely foreign to me was the idea of personal growth and development. Self-help books were for looooooseeeeers. (I’m holding my hand in an L on my forehead just in case you need the visual.) 

Yeah. I was so WRONG. Personal development, now lovingly termed PD, was exactly what I needed. Starting with some serious self examination, which is ongoing constantly. I love learning new stuff about productivity, time management, marketing, business, health, nutrition, sociology, and psychology. I’ve become a published author, run a website with hundreds of daily hits (not that impressive but it’s cool to me), and help people find themselves just like I am doing. 

But it’s a work in progress. Sometimes you’re just in the grist mill, turning the wheel, repetitive motions in the dusty dark. And you can’t see you’re progress. It seems slow, nonexistent. Frustrating. 

But the progress is there. And if you can just keep grinding, you’re gonna get there. 

FYI: In my dream metaphor grist mill, I’m grinding corn for grits. Because I’m southern like that. 

So here’s a taste of what I’ve been grinding on these days. 
21 Day Fix Extreme Dirty Thirty. The bonus round bites. 

A lot of verses and reflection lately. 

Birmingham Wine 10k with mimosas and wine at the finish line. It’s finally humid here in Alabama. Not used to it yet, so that run was slow and miserable. If you don’t run in humidity often, make sure you slow down for it. It can be dangerous if you push too much, overheat and dehydrate. 

We used a gift card and had a random gourmet dinner on an otherwise normal Monday. Best decision ever. Priorities. This guy. 

I’m attacking clutter like a rabid raccoon. It’s a huge challenge for me but I’m finding little projects for small victories. Bathroom drawer WIN.     
I’m finally getting into a pattern where I’m going to the grocery store once a week. Early morning on Sunday before church is my grocery jam. Trader Joe’s is empty and I’m not dodging slow rollers in the aisles. I’m on a mission and have a list. Get. It. Done. 

More organization efforts. Hung a shoe rack on the wall. I can actually see the floor now. I’m taking strange pleasure in standing in my closet. Weird but satisfying. 

So I’ll keep grinding. There’s progress. Bit by bit. It’s a mental game now that I’m not constantly fighting my body. New challenges. Bring it. 

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