Turning 31 

 So as spring arrives in Alabama, my birthday comes with it. Trips to the zoo, the opening of the Pepper Place farmers market, and all sorts of other fun things. So here’s the highlights…
The Birmingham Zoo is adding a lot of new attractions. It isn’t a ginormous zoo, but it’s quality. I also noticed they have sensory friendly accommodations for those on the autism scale. That made me really proud of our little zoo. 

Pepper Place is in full swing on Saturday mornings. This is a happy place for me! I got more DAKS spices! And I learned that some people call Jerusalem artichokes “fartichokes.” Crude but honest, and a piece of information I wouldn’t have liked to have had before buying them. Eat with care. 

Since I travel so much, I’m constantly on the hunt for good audiobooks. I’m very lucky that the Jefferson County Library has an online app service that allows you to rent audiobooks straight from your phone. I was on the waiting list for Leah Remini’s biography. It is a fascinating insight into the Church of Scientology. I think I was expecting a very scathing and angry book. While her frustration did come through, she did a very good job of explaining how internally conflicted and heartbroken she was when she discovered the hypocrisy and corruption inside of the church that she had trusted for so long. Highly recommended. And she does an excellent job of reading, so get the audiobook for full effect. 

I’ve expanded out my spices and will be posting more recipes with these wonderful flavor blends. You can check out my first post, of course, but stay tuned for more. 

Totally random change of topic, can you believe I’ve never had a pair of Converse tennis shoes? I feel 31 is the appropriate age for pink Converse. 

I had a lovely birthday lunch at Botegga with my mother and grandmother and just had to post this picture. These ladies are my heart. 

I can’t decide if I feel 31 or not. This past year was one of immense personal growth. But I know I’m just at the beginning. I know you’re supposed to figure out who you are in your 20s, so maybe I’m late to the game. Change is good. Bring it on. 


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