Day 6: 21DFX at Railroad Park

So I had this crazy idea at like 10pm on Friday night. I was going to go workout at Railroad Park.

For you non-B-Hammers, that’s this super awesome park downtown that was the linchpin for the beginning of a revitalization of the whole area there. I invited people to come (with the pic above) but no one could make it with 8 hours notice. I was kind of relieved though, because I wanted to scope out the situation first. Would this be possible? Where to do it? Would the guards kick me out? Would people throw things and laugh? And the worries got more ridiculous from there.

But no such things occurred…


So please join me each Saturday at 6:07am! Railroad Park. Bring a set of light or medium dumbbell weights, like 5-8 lbs probably. And make sure to friend and connect with me on Facebook to let me know to expect you!

Day 5 : 21DFX & Crockpot Greek Chicken Recipe Video 

Day 5 was another C2C. The second day of the cycle is always the hardest but I did okay today. Not too hungry, though my schedule was thrown off a good bit by a couple things in the morning at the courthouse.

Did Cardio FX today. I forget that this actually uses weights. It’s essentially like another Plyo routine. Which sucks. And is awesome. All at the same time. This is the stuff that gets your heart pumping and fat burning.

Really wanted my Friday evening wine, but I settled for a Shakeo!

I was able to relax after work because I had put dinner in the crockpot when I came home to grab lunch. I could have done it in the morning too, as my crockpot has a nifty timer that will turn itself to warm after the allotted amount of hours.

So here’s the recipe video….



Day 4 : 21 Day Fix Extreme Countdown to Competition 

I thought it would be hard to go back to the low carb days after a normal Fix eating day. But I was barely hungry at all!

I might have just been so shocked from Lower Fix Extreme that I couldn’t process hunger. 

Recover is lifeblood. 

I actually am toying with bumping up a level in the container system. My daily activity may be a bit high for the low level. Feeling it out. It’s just an extra red and green on the C2C days. But it’s a good bit more on the regular Fix days. But more calories may actually help me lose weight. Staying too low can send me into starvation mode. Can’t have that! 

As a way to get an extra protein, I had mini egg wraps using turkey slices. Pretty good! 

I also discovered how delicious a chicken avocado lettuce wrap is. Little mustard. Heaven. 

Dinner was meatballs with homemade sauce. Spaghetti squash instead of pasta. Love some spaghetti squash! 

Day 3 : 21 Day Fix Extreme

Day 3 is Pilates Fix Extreme. Since it isn’t super high intensity, I skipped the Energize and had some coffee to wake me up.

I was also running around some today and knew I would have lunch out. It’s a normal Fix day on the Competition cycle, so I get to have more carbs and FRUIT!!! I started with a breakfast of cottage cheese and cantaloupe. Strawberries for a snack. And I cart my Shakeoogy whenever I’m traveling. I wouldn’t recommend eating out if it’s your first round of the Fix or Fix Extreme. You need to get used to the container system, and cooking at home is safest. But once you’ve gotten the plan, you can eat out with a little forethought and checking the menu where you are going to go.

Beachbody had this awesome new BodyBoard app that is like Instagram but all fitness! Super fun community. And they hold contests all the time. They reposted my picture today!

Day 2 : 21 Day Fix Extreme Countdown to Competition

Second day! Upper Fix Extreme. I’m doing the 1200-1400 calorie level Countdown to Competition plan. It’s not for the faint of heart, and I may actually bump up a level due to my daily activity level. I was feeling pretty sluggish today but did a little better once I drank some Hydrate. Going low carb can make you a little shaky and low on sodium. Drinking something with electrolytes can help big time, but make sure it’s not something that has a ton of sugar or artificial junk. I highly recommend Beachbody’s Hydrate

There’s plenty of food in this plan, just mostly protein and veggies. If you’re used to eating  a good bit of carbs, you may go though a little ‘carb flu’ or sugar detox. It stinks for a day or so, but it’s a good thing!!! Hold on and be strong. 

Day 1 : 21 Day Fix Extreme Countdown to Competition – Meal Prep Video! 

The first day is always the scariest. Did I prepare right? Can I do this? Is it worth it? YES. 

And having the Plyo Fix Extreme as the first workout doesn’t ease you into it. 

But it happened! I’m following this strictly for the 21 Day Fix TV Test Group. So excited to be involved! 

My day 1 was also the sneak peek for Countey Heat, so I had to test it out later that afternoon. Hilarious and so much fun! I’m not a dancer, but this could totally be someone else’s soulmate workout. 

It comes out later this summer! 

Venison and Veggie Bolognese

Homemade venison and veggie bolognese. Venison from the freezer, green bell pepper, crushed plum tomatoes, mushrooms, and @daksspices Italian Blast spices. Even more fresh herbs from the backyard! 21 Day Fix approved. Venison is super lean and really good if you cook it with lots of flavor. 

Containers? Red and green on top of a yellow of whole wheat pasta and half a blue of Parmesan. Delicious! 

Summer Fitness Fun

There’s something particularly brutal about summer Monday mornings. Kids are out of school, why can’t attorneys have a summer vacation too? But I am powering through. I did and insanity live class this morning thanks to the Beachbody on-demand streaming service. And oddly enough BOD is thanking me back!

Every 10th of the month, BOD has a contest where 10 lucky BOD users when a prize. I never win anything and somehow I just won something! 

Yes, I have a 4300 emails in my inbox. Let’s not talk about it. I’m one of those people who never delete anything.

I went to Alexander City over the weekend for jazz fest and got to run with my stepdad on Saturday morning. Always a fun time, though Alabama is showing its best in the humidity department. It is supposed to be up to 99° on Thursday. These are the days that I am thankful that I can work out in my own living room. I enjoy running, but it ain’t happening this week. 

Does your workout schedule change for the summer? Remember, if you’re still looking for a good summer workout and nutrition plan, our summer fitness challenge is ongoing. You can jump in anytime! Just send me an email or Facebook me.