Summer Fitness Fun

There’s something particularly brutal about summer Monday mornings. Kids are out of school, why can’t attorneys have a summer vacation too? But I am powering through. I did and insanity live class this morning thanks to the Beachbody on-demand streaming service. And oddly enough BOD is thanking me back!

Every 10th of the month, BOD has a contest where 10 lucky BOD users when a prize. I never win anything and somehow I just won something! 

Yes, I have a 4300 emails in my inbox. Let’s not talk about it. I’m one of those people who never delete anything.

I went to Alexander City over the weekend for jazz fest and got to run with my stepdad on Saturday morning. Always a fun time, though Alabama is showing its best in the humidity department. It is supposed to be up to 99° on Thursday. These are the days that I am thankful that I can work out in my own living room. I enjoy running, but it ain’t happening this week. 

Does your workout schedule change for the summer? Remember, if you’re still looking for a good summer workout and nutrition plan, our summer fitness challenge is ongoing. You can jump in anytime! Just send me an email or Facebook me. 

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