Day 3 : 21 Day Fix Extreme

Day 3 is Pilates Fix Extreme. Since it isn’t super high intensity, I skipped the Energize and had some coffee to wake me up.

I was also running around some today and knew I would have lunch out. It’s a normal Fix day on the Competition cycle, so I get to have more carbs and FRUIT!!! I started with a breakfast of cottage cheese and cantaloupe. Strawberries for a snack. And I cart my Shakeoogy whenever I’m traveling. I wouldn’t recommend eating out if it’s your first round of the Fix or Fix Extreme. You need to get used to the container system, and cooking at home is safest. But once you’ve gotten the plan, you can eat out with a little forethought and checking the menu where you are going to go.

Beachbody had this awesome new BodyBoard app that is like Instagram but all fitness! Super fun community. And they hold contests all the time. They reposted my picture today!

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