Day 6: 21DFX at Railroad Park

So I had this crazy idea at like 10pm on Friday night. I was going to go workout at Railroad Park.

For you non-B-Hammers, that’s this super awesome park downtown that was the linchpin for the beginning of a revitalization of the whole area there. I invited people to come (with the pic above) but no one could make it with 8 hours notice. I was kind of relieved though, because I wanted to scope out the situation first. Would this be possible? Where to do it? Would the guards kick me out? Would people throw things and laugh? And the worries got more ridiculous from there.

But no such things occurred…


So please join me each Saturday at 6:07am! Railroad Park. Bring a set of light or medium dumbbell weights, like 5-8 lbs probably. And make sure to friend and connect with me on Facebook to let me know to expect you!

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