Day 10: Pilates with a Dog, New Shoes, & Stuffed Peppers

Pilates with the exercise band is not my favorite to begin with. Then add in an extremely needy German Shepherd mix who wants to be involved in your every breath because you’re on the floor in her territory…and you have the following:

But the day turned out a little better than it began. It was a “regular” day on the Countdown cycle, where you break your low carb cycle with a normal 21DFX eating day. Let me tell you, these felt hard until you take all the fruit and most of the carbs out. THAT is hard. The regular seems like a feast day now!

And it was a feast of sorts. I had a really yummy salad with my mom, who came to Birmingham for a quick visit and lunch. I was able to con her into buying me these awesome new sneakers for my upcoming P90X Live certification. New kicks will get you moving and feeling funky every time!


Dinner was local purple bell peppers stuffed with taco meat. Side of Spanish rice with tomatoes, leftover chili-lime coleslaw, and the traditional accoutrements.

When making Latin-American or Mexican food, taco seasoning is usually involved. I’ve tried very hard to find taco seasoning at the regular grocery store that doesn’t have MSG. I’m sure I could find it if I made a special trip to Whole Foods, but then I’ll come out with $89 of other things I don’t need. I’ll stick with my DAKS Southwest Borders seasoning. Love this stuff!


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