Day 8: 21 DFX Plyo and Week 2 Meal Planning


Back to the top of the workouts! Plyo is a rough way to start the week, but a good way. Never miss a Monday as it always makes you feel like you’ve got the week on lock when you get ish done, even when you don’t feel like it.


Planning is key for success on the C2C plan, second level. I’ve got my second week planned out. If you notice, I use leftovers from dinner the night before to make my lunches for the next day. Usually my husband’s lunch too! It’s simple, quick, and economical.


Week 2: 21DFX C2C Plan

The Beachbody Performance line is saving my butt on this thing. I could NOT function without these supplements on this plan. I’ve tried it before and lasted a day. One day. Obviously, this is going better than last time.


Day 8 Food is Ready

I had the bright idea that I would eat sardines as a high protein (red container) snack. Ummm…no.


But dinner actually ended up better than originally planned. I really didn’t want a steak and vegetables for the third time in a row. So I got creative and made some bangin’ steak and eggs.


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