Trust the Process

What happens when your calling seems to fall apart?

Moses was clearly called to speak for the Hebrew people, but his efforts only seemed to make things worse for them at first. He could have given up, refused to follow God’s calling for his life, declared it too hard. But he didn’t. He trusted God’s process. It had to get worse for the Hebrew people before it got better.

This can and will happen to us. This world is not perfect. It is full of struggle, strife, and other imperfect humans. Sometimes, for a situation to reach the end that God intends, it must get ‘worse’ first.

My fourth wedding anniversary is coming up in a couple of weeks. I can’t help but remember the months leading up to my wedding this time of year. While I had a lot of fun planning my wedding and spending time with my bridesmaids, there were some significantly difficult struggles in trying to bring our families together as one. To put it plainly, it was painful. It made me wonder if I was pushing something that wasn’t meant to be. Wasn’t love supposed to be easy? But as soon as I would raise that thought, a deep knowing would come over me, deep in my bones. I knew this man was for ME. God made us as a pair.


Four years later, our marriage is stronger because we had to fight for it before it even began. It didn’t fall into place. We had to choose each other when that choice wasn’t made easy. Our path will never be perfect. There are going to be countless struggles as the years come. I’m glad to have started my marriage with the conscious choice to push through, to trust God’s process.


If your path gets dark and tangled, pause and pray. (I envy Moses for his clear messages and direct conversations with God.) If you have prayed about it, and know that the path is correct, don’t quit! God’s process is divine and intentional. Only He can see the big picture and know how it all fits together. Our struggle is part of the process. Trust the process.

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