Real Food for Spiritual Health

This podcast stemmed from a passage from Shauna Niequist’s devotional book ‘Savor.’

She writes about the importance of food, and the rituals and traditions that we have built around real food.

The obvious spiritual tradition is the Euchurist, or Communion. The act of taking bread and wine in remembrance (either via symbolism or transubstantiation) of Christ’s sacrifice for us. The Last Supper is something that even non-Christian’s know. A meal so important that it changed the course of history.

But food has become inconvenient for us. Fast food, quick frozen dinners, packaged and processed snacks to fill our bellies with the least amount of time and thought possible. Modern technology is NOT a bad thing. We are busy and sometimes just need to eat really quickly. But what are we sacrificing by doing so?

We talk and connect over food. There’s a reason we ‘break bread’ with people to make peace. It’s hard to be mad while eating good food. Holiday meals are where memories are made. I love cooking with my family on Christmas eve. It’s not even the food that I love (though it is delicious); it’s joking and laughing over cookie dough and casseroles in the kitchen.

We focus on real food and clean eating so much for our health. It’s a big buzzword. Everyone is ‘eating clean’ or going ‘whole.’ Yes, it’s fantastic for your health and is the cornerstone for a healthy lifestyle. But it’s also an important concept for our spiritual health, recognizing the importance and ritual of real food.

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