How accurate are the 21 Day Fix color containers? And how to use the containers for bodybuilding!  

So those little yellow containers are more accurate than you’d think… 

Today, I started bulking (more on that below). As I love my little #21dfx containers, I ate using the #BodyBeast color container counts for adding mass. 

Note: These container counts are not in the original version but have been added to the digital booklets on Beachbody On Demand. This update is a gamechanger for the Body Beast nutrition plan. Awesome! 

It’s very different from my 4 reds, 4 greens, 3 purples, 3 yellows on 21 Day Fix. I’m eating 4 greens, 3 reds, 4 purples, 8 yellows, a blue, an orange, and 5 tsps on my bulking plan. Whaaaaat??? 

Honestly, it was hard to eat all that today. (I can’t believe I just complained about that.) 

This is new, and a total experiment. So I was still researching tonight. I found some #iifym macronutrient calculations for bulking and decided to see how close I was with my food today. I added everything I’ve eaten in My Fitness Pal. Almost dead on! 

I would have hit it exactly on the nose if it weren’t for the cookies I just had for dessert. Oops. Whatevs. Deliciousness.

I’m ecstatic to know the containers are so close. I felt led to track the numbers for more accuracy but was having a hard time planning my food based on the numbers. It’s just easier to think in colors rather than numbers. So, this is perfect. I’ll still use my containers to portion and plan, but I can track the numbers to make sure I’m on target. 

But you’re TRYING to gain weight? Huh?

So WHY am I bulking? Why would I willingly gain weight? I want those GAINS! But seriously…

I’ve stagnated a bit in my fitness journey. I’m fit and comfortable with my body, but I would love to be stronger. I’m curvy and muscular so it’s time to see how curvy muscular I can get. It’s time to step out of the comfort zone and shake it up! 

I’m experimenting with a #bulking phase for the next couple weeks. Lifting HEAVY while eating way more calories and carbs than I’m used to. Yes, I will gain weight. But it will hopefully be a lot of muscle! Then I’m going to cut fat with the new MMA cardio #CoreDeForce program next month on the 7th. (You can join me btw. Just tell me.) 

 It’s a short bulk, and a bit of a test to see how this makes me feel. I love that I’m at a place where I can experiment with my fitness and nutrition, and comfortable enough to gain a few pounds and not freak out. #bodylove

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