Upcoming Challenge Groups! 

Want to join my next Challenge or free topical group? Awesome! Just click below and fill out my application.


Upcoming groups…

November 7, 2016: Core De Force Fight for Fit Challenge Group

30 days with the new MMA inspired cardio program)

November 14, 2016: Healthy Holiday Habits (Free Group)

A mini-challenge group to help you identify, create, and implement healthy habits to get you through the holiday season while still enjoying the cookies and eggnog. This group is FREE!

January 2016: New Year’s Ultimate Reset

The Ultimate Reset is Beachbody’s revolutionary 21 day cleansing program. It’s a commitment and isn’t easy, but it’s worth it. You can completely change your relationship with nutrition, detoxify your body, and reset your system. Oh yeah, and you can lose several pounds while you’re at it WITHOUT EXERCISE. Watch this video for a little more info from a medical expert who tried it himself. I will be doing a round of this myself right after New Year’s. JOIN ME!

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