Big Changes and Holiday Chaos

I’ve barely touched my website or my podcast in the past two months. I’ve had some big changes happening. The main one involves me changing jobs, from private defense practice to the corporate management world. It’s a BIG difference but really welcome and interesting. Learning new things and exercising new skills is always good. It’s scary, but this all fell into place in such a way and at such a time that God’s hand was obvious in it. I’m not quite sure what my path ahead holds, but I’m moving forward regardless. 

I left my old law firm for the new company right before the holiday madness really set in. We had weddings, multiple family Christmases, parties, and traveling all through December. I was able to get a few active activities in there though. 

I helped Anytime Fitness in my hometown Alexander City, AL with their #BurnTheTurkey project. I taught a P90X Live class on Thanksgiving morning with a great crowd.

And we went on a looooong walk on the farm after having our big meal later that day. 

I was back in Alex City a couple weeks later for a wedding and ran a little 5k at my church. Look who got 2nd place female! Did I mention is was a small race? 

I came back and taught another couple classes over Christmas, mostly to keep myself on track! I’ve been bulking muscle in anticipation of cutting in January. 

And so I find myself beginning 2017 and starting some new projects. Stay tuned for an entire series on my Ultimate Reset journey! Make sure you are following me on Insta and FB to get the daily updates.