My Reviews of Shaun Week

If I didn’t love Beachbody On Demand enough, they bring me new content from none other than the motivation man himself… Shaun T!

You will know him from his crazy cardio programs like Insanity, Insanity Max 30, and Asylum as well as the fun dance cardio of CIZE and the ever classic Hip Hop Abs. We were all itching for the next level from him, and he BROUGHT IT.

Starting on Monday, June 12, Beachbody On Demand released a new Shaun T workout each day for the entire week. SHAUN WEEK! Kind of like shark week; less blood, more sweat.

Despite the fact that I had promised to fill in for a friend who was on vacation and teach P90X every day at lunch that week, I STILL took the Shaun Week challenge. I LOVED it. It was hard, but they were quick.

The schedule was simple… one workout each day… No accompanying meal plan. This isn’t a program that’s meant to completely change your body in one week. That would be impossible and unhealthy. It’s meant to get you moving, inspired, and motivated to keep going. If you can set a small goal and accomplish it, it sets you up for success with future goals. There is also a modifier that even uses a chair instead of getting down onto the floor. Shaun T wanted to make these workouts accessible to everyone, and they are!

And the program is short enough that you can finish it TWICE on a free trial of the BOD Streaming service. Just click here to check it out.

I filmed some of my workout each day and followed with a review. Without further ado…

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

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