How to Plan a Europe Trip : New Travel Planning Video Series


I’ll always LOVE fitness and health. It’s my daily jam. But let’s be honest… working out is what keeps me sane in between vacations.

I can plan a trip like no one’s business.

Except Disney trips. I leave that to my BFF Ashlee. Theme parks intimidate me.

But random little places in the backwaters of Eastern Europe? I gotcha. Major historical reenactments? All me. Paying cash for a seat on a Russian chartered flight out of the Beirut airport to get into Northern Iraq/Kurdistan? I’ve done that. I’m not saying it was the best idea, but I’m still alive and benefited greatly from the experience.

I’ve realized over the past few years that many people will simply book a tour, join a group, or hire a travel agent. All valid choices. I will never knock someone’s efforts to see the world. But tour buses give me hives. While I have been on some good group tours, I’ve also been trapped in a few terrible ones, which tour guides being paid on the side to take you to the kitsch shops instead of the places you actually want to go.

I’m a lone wolf traveler. Wait…I might have to make that a hashtag. Anyway…the video.

This is the first in a series that will appear over the next couple weeks of how to plan a trip to Europe. I’ll have my 10 steps of how to actually plan the trip. I’m also thinking of a packing video, a required electronics video, and a ‘carryon essentials’ video. I’m totally open to other suggestions too.

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