A Week of Hard Labor with Sagi Kalev – Workout Reviews

I’m all about weightlifting right now. Because I’m all about putting on muscle so I can EAT ALL THE FOOD. Seriously. Lean muscle increases your insulin sensitivity, increases your resting caloric burn, and has loads of other health benefits (strong bones, less disease, etc.).

So I’m super excited that Sagi Kalev is launching 5 new advanced weightlifting workouts on Beachbody On Demand this week. I’ll be reviewing each day and posting on YouTube. I’ll embed them here on my website too, but head over to YouTube and subscribe to my channel to make sure you don’t miss any awesome content.

Instead of posting 5 separate times, I’ll just update this post with all 5 videos as we go along. If you want to check out these workouts yourself, just head here for a free trial of BOD.

Day 1

Day 2

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