Overnight Oatmeal and Quiet Time

Upper Fix Extreme, quiet time, and overnight oats with strawberries. 
I started with my devotion. Getting up early just for this is new for me. I’m trying to form a new habit. I loved a quick moment in the quiet of the morning. 
Then on to my workout: My shoulders are burning! And my calves are still tight from yesterday. This 21 Day Fix Extremw is going to rock! 
The overnight oats are yummy! 
Easy recipe you make the night before. 
1/3 c of dry oatmeal, old fashioned or steel cut (expands to 1 yellow) 
1 red of Greek yogurt 
1 purple of your favorite fruit 
a splash of unsweetened almond milk or water to loosen it up. 

Mix and refrigerate overnight or for at least 4 hours. Optional: a teaspoon of chia seeds. 

I’ve gotten used to the less sweet Greek yogurt but you may want to use a pinch of stevia if your taste buds haven’t adjusted yet. The fruit makes it sweet enough for me though. 

Count: red, yellow, purple.

21 Day Fix Extreme – A Second Try

I tried 21DFX after my first round of regular 21 Day Fix. It was ugly. I was very frustrated and didn’t feel like I got a lot out of it because I spent so much time gasping for air or being confused at how to make my body cooperate. 
I’m taking another shot at it now. I feel like I’m ready now. Plyo this morning was not nearly as bad. I didn’t have to sit down in he middle of the rounds. I didn’t feel like vomiting…well, only a little at the end. I’m super excited about this round. I’m going to make this happen. 
The last round, I was not very disciplined about my diet. Way too many cheats. I’m at war now. It’s on. 

Leg Day, a Workout Buddy, and a LOT of Sweat!

My friend and neighbor Paden came across the street this morning to do my Lower Fix day with me. I grabbed the regular Lower Fix DVD instead of the Extreme this morning since last night’s jujitsu workout was so incredibly tough. I knew I couldn’t handle the Extreme less than 12 hours after that AND still go to my group run tonight. But the incredible workout we got just goes to prove that, whether you choose the original Fix or the Extreme, you’re going to SWEAT! 

I thought I might have killed Paden, but on his way out he asked, “Same time tomorrow?” I guess he likes it! 

Tasty Tuesday: Ricotta Strawberry Toast

What is a girl to do when she only has half a Purple serving of strawberries and the granola (which was half full a day ago) has mysteriously disappeared from the kitchen? 

Break out the Ezekial Bread! Seriously, if you e never tried this bread, it’s dense, delicious, and nutritious! It also lives in the freezer, which obviously matches with my love of all things that can be frozen. So, FYI: Don’t look for it in the bread aisle. It will be in the frozen foods. 
Quick post workout breakfast this morning was: 
1 slice Ezekial Bread, toasted (1 yellow)
1/2 red container of skim Ricotta cheese
1/2 purple container of strawberries, sliced. 
Add coffee, of course.