Overnight Oatmeal and Quiet Time

Upper Fix Extreme, quiet time, and overnight oats with strawberries. 
I started with my devotion. Getting up early just for this is new for me. I’m trying to form a new habit. I loved a quick moment in the quiet of the morning. 
Then on to my workout: My shoulders are burning! And my calves are still tight from yesterday. This 21 Day Fix Extremw is going to rock! 
The overnight oats are yummy! 
Easy recipe you make the night before. 
1/3 c of dry oatmeal, old fashioned or steel cut (expands to 1 yellow) 
1 red of Greek yogurt 
1 purple of your favorite fruit 
a splash of unsweetened almond milk or water to loosen it up. 

Mix and refrigerate overnight or for at least 4 hours. Optional: a teaspoon of chia seeds. 

I’ve gotten used to the less sweet Greek yogurt but you may want to use a pinch of stevia if your taste buds haven’t adjusted yet. The fruit makes it sweet enough for me though. 

Count: red, yellow, purple.