How I Meal Plan on the 21 Day Fix

Meal planning and keeping up with your containers for the 21 Day Fix can be confusing. Don’t let it deter you. There are dozens of ways to do this. I want to show you what I use: a simple, $.50 notebook that I keep in my purse. I’ve come up with a checklist format that works for me.

What works for me may not work for you. Please feel free to leave your comments about how you meal plan and keep track of your clean eating on a daily basis! All ideas welcome!

Lamb and Food Prep

This week’s lunch is brought to you by the letter ‘L’. As in LAMB.

Lean red meat is on the protein list. If you have never tried lamb as a lean red meat, you’re really missing something. It goes on sale regularly at my local WinnDixie, I think because people don’t know how to cook it or are intimidated by the idea.

Grill it, or cook under the broiler. Basically treat it like a steak. I like to smear a little olive oil and herbs de Provence on mine before cooking. I get the cheaper shoulder blade cuts (and they still taste awesome). They tend to be a little smaller too, so they are perfect portions! And they freeze and thaw well. Because I freeze everything. 
Add some carrots and broccoli that I steamed in the microwave with a little chicken broth, aaaaaaand LUNCH! 
I tried to go on the competition plan but have decided to reserve it for true necessity. Carb depletion + running + jiu jitsu + the Fix Extreme workout = NOT pretty. The regular Fix balanced diet has been working beautifully for me, so why mess with success? So, new tactic: I had bumped up a calorie level to compensate for my extra activity. This last week, to finish out strong, I’m bumping back down to the lower level. I’m hoping that keeping the same balance but dropping the overall calories just a bit will shred this last little bit. I’m SO close!