Half Marathon in the Rain

For my 30th birthday, I wanted to run the Pensacola Half Marathon. It’s a great race at one of my favorite beaches. My bestie and I did it last year and knew we wanted to come back! 

While we had perfect weather last year, this year…not so much. It started out WET. 

I don’t have any pics from the race yet since we left all electronics in the room. It was raining sideways for the first three miles. Then, just as I was fully soaked with sloshing shoes, it tapered off. Talk about HUMID. I know I live in Alabama and should be used to it, but we’ve had a long and cold winter, so I’m not adjusted to running in humidity just yet. But it was a FUN race. I might have started splashing in puddles near the end. I mean, they’re there, and my feet are already wet…
Great after party with free beverages of course. 

Definitely a good way to ring in my 30s. I felt strong through the whole race, even though I’ve missed a lot of training runs lately due to weather and crazy schedules. I can tell that my workouts have made a major difference in my running, especially with hills. I’m very interested to see how I do at my race next weekend. It’s the Statue to Statue in Birmingham, a 15k race with some legendary hills. Beast mode!