High Impact Sports Bras for Larger Chests

I’ve lost weight in my chest since the beginning but I still can’t rely on those flimsy colorful sports bras or any silly built-in running tank. Having a good sports bra can make the difference between a great workout or a miserable experience. Ever chafed under your bra during a long distance race? Yeah. It’s awful. 

So here are my tried and true suggestions. You should note that they ALL are sized with cup and band (like 34D) rather than just a general small/medium/large type size. Fit is key. When in doubt, go to the experts and get measured. Your shorts and shirts can be cheap. But spend the money on shoes and bras. 

My favorite sports bras for any workout (from bottom left going clockwise): 
1. @moving_comfort Juno – This is a beast. It’s gonna hold you and hold you tight. I like it because of the higher coverage and the adjustable padded straps. It has an adjustable band in the back as well to customize your fit. Fits true to size. You can get fitted and buy MC at @fleet_feet_birmingham .

2. Underarmour UA Armour Bra – This is the best bra since sliced bread and @underarmourwomen discontinued it. But you can still find it on eBay and Amazon! It’s so comfortable and never chafes. I wear this for every half marathon I run. Go down a cup size as it runs a little big. 

3. Moving Comfort Rebound Racer – This one is lighter weight that the Juno, but it still provides excellent hold and coverage. Again, it has adjustable straps and band. True to size. 

4. @champion Show Off – I had a couple of these until one melted in the dryer. Sad day. It’s not quite as good as my others, but it’s also significantly cheaper. Great buy for the price, especially if you workout every day and need multiple to avoid having to do laundry excessively. I don’t use it for long distance running but it provides good coverage and hold for other activities like weight lifting, yoga, and #jiujitsu . 

Motivated Morning 5 Day Challenge

Having a morning routine has become a key element of having a productive day for me. I’m not alone in this. There are LOTS of people who use the morning as their time to get ahead. It’s the perfect time to get in a workout, do some reading, or work on a side business before the day gets in the way. It’s also quiet, before anyone else gets up.

Motivated Morning Graphic

I used to be a snooze button person, like multiple times. And, to be honest, I still hit it every once in a while. But I feel like I’m missing something when I do, and I feel scattered and rushed.

I think the world would be a better place if more people had the tools to make their own “motivated morning” routine. So I’m giving them to you!

I’ve created a worksheet guide with fill-in questions to walk you through setting up your own perfect morning routine. It contains a BUNCH of resources that I use all the time. Completely free, just throw your email in below and it will come to you.

Note: My automated email can get caught in your spam filter or junk box, even though you are asking for the email. So if you don’t receive it within a few minutes, check there first. 

Day 14: 21 Day Fix Extreme Yoga

Fourth of July holiday weekend in full swing. It’s nice to do Yoga on Sunday morning when you don’t have that work pressure of Monday morning looming. Taking my workouts outside was the best idea I’ve had. Love my own Alabama version of “hot yoga.”

Lovely evening with friends later too in which I managed to stay on plan…okay, like 95%. When someone makes homemade apple dumplings, it’s only polite to take a bite in appreciation.

So grateful for these ladies.



Day 12: 21 DFX Cardio

Cardio is rough, but it’s even rougher when you do it outside. But our AC had mysteriously quit the night before. I didn’t want to add my heat to the house, so I took my sweat session outside.

And, if you’re curious. The AC got fixed shortly after this thanks to an awesome local heat and air guy.

I celebrated with bacon and eggs for breakfast. A few dots of sriracha for fun.


I also made a yummy veggie dip, reminiscent of a french onion, with my DAKS and some Greek yogurt. Great way to get your veggies and protein in.

Day 11: Leg Day & Shakeology Coconut Oil Chocolate

Leg Day!!! Yeah, pretty much every day in this program is leg day. But this is for real leg day.

Eva, my little Shepherd mix, is really keeping me company in my workouts these days. Though she seems more concerned than encouraging…

I made some eggs for breakfast this morning. Some days, your eggs break and are just ugly. It’s one of those days.

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Day 10: Pilates with a Dog, New Shoes, & Stuffed Peppers

Pilates with the exercise band is not my favorite to begin with. Then add in an extremely needy German Shepherd mix who wants to be involved in your every breath because you’re on the floor in her territory…and you have the following:

But the day turned out a little better than it began. It was a “regular” day on the Countdown cycle, where you break your low carb cycle with a normal 21DFX eating day. Let me tell you, these felt hard until you take all the fruit and most of the carbs out. THAT is hard. The regular seems like a feast day now!

And it was a feast of sorts. I had a really yummy salad with my mom, who came to Birmingham for a quick visit and lunch. I was able to con her into buying me these awesome new sneakers for my upcoming P90X Live certification. New kicks will get you moving and feeling funky every time!


Dinner was local purple bell peppers stuffed with taco meat. Side of Spanish rice with tomatoes, leftover chili-lime coleslaw, and the traditional accoutrements.

When making Latin-American or Mexican food, taco seasoning is usually involved. I’ve tried very hard to find taco seasoning at the regular grocery store that doesn’t have MSG. I’m sure I could find it if I made a special trip to Whole Foods, but then I’ll come out with $89 of other things I don’t need. I’ll stick with my DAKS Southwest Borders seasoning. Love this stuff!


Day 9: Chili-Lime Coleslaw & 21DFX Upper

Tuesday = Arms!

I think this might be my favorite. I LOVE what lifting weights has done for my shoulders. I love being able to lift a big bag of dog food with one hand, while wearing heels. I feel empowered.

And despite having done some form of weightlifting for most of the last year, I don’t look like a man… because I’m not a man and don’t take steroids or testosterone supplements. Weights do NOT make you big unless you train for that specifically. And you can’t do that by accident. Just ask any real bodybuilder. But I digress…

It’s another day of Countdown to Competition (C2C), so a LOT of protein. That little sweet potato sitting in my lunch container is like nectar of unicorn tears. It’s amazing. I love how I’m not even halfway through this program but seeing results already!

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Day 8: 21 DFX Plyo and Week 2 Meal Planning


Back to the top of the workouts! Plyo is a rough way to start the week, but a good way. Never miss a Monday as it always makes you feel like you’ve got the week on lock when you get ish done, even when you don’t feel like it.


Planning is key for success on the C2C plan, second level. I’ve got my second week planned out. If you notice, I use leftovers from dinner the night before to make my lunches for the next day. Usually my husband’s lunch too! It’s simple, quick, and economical.

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Day 7

Day 7 is YOGA! Confession: I’ve skipped this workout in the past. I just thought it wasn’t necessary. WRONG. I don’t know why I skipped it. It’s amazing. 
Even better followed by yogurt with vanilla Shakeology mixed in. On top of cantaloupe and blueberries. One red and one purple container. And coffee. Always coffee.