As a fitness coach, I prefer to have a good chat with you before you decide on a workout program or nutrition plan. However, I’m also a decisive person and completely understand deciding on a path and pushing forward regardless. So, if you know what you want and want it NOW (you’re my kind of person), just click below and grab it.

Fitness Programs

From 21 Day Fix to Body Beast and everything in between, just click on the heading to check them all out. Remember, the Challenge Packs are your best value and will give you the best results!

a953c-img_3500  IMG_4396


IMG_4684This is the best health decision you’ll ever make. A lot of people complain about the price, but you have to pay for the best to get the best. Don’t even get me started about the stuff that you’ll find floating around in the discount store protein powders. Scary stuff, people. You are what you eat, so eat something quality. There are sampler packs to try the flavors if you aren’t sure what you like. Go investigate.

3 Day Refresh

If you haven’t seen my posts on my journey through the Refresh, go check them out. This thing is awesome.


Beachbody Performance Line

beachbodyperformanceThis isn’t for the casual exerciser. This is an elite performance supplement line designed to take athletes, professional and amateur, to the next level of fitness. If you’ve got this far in your fitness journey, you know what quality supplements can do for your performance. Trust the best to get you the best results. You can get the whole line together or buy it individually. Take a look! (BTdubs…the pre-workout is unearthly good and doesn’t make your jittery at all)


Be Transformed Devotional Book

It’s my book! Woo-hoo! Head over to Amazon to download it for your Kindle or free Kindle app.

Cherry Blossom Book Cover 1.4

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